Mucus Plug Complete Guide With Pictures

What is mucus plug?

Ever Heard of Mucus plug ? Many people don’t and many have misconceptions regarding mucus plug. I tried my best in collecting data about it. As the name itself says what it is.During Pregnancy, The Opening of the Women’s uterus is Covered with a thick plug of mucus and cells from the cervix.

The main advantage of this mucus plug is to cover and protect the uterus from pathogens and unwanted bacteria as they have chances to enter during a vaginal examination or a Sexual activity.Due to increase in estrogen and progesterone. When the Ovum gets into the uterus, The Mucus plug begin to form early during Pregnancy. The mucus also possess double bacteria busting properties.

What is Mucus Plug

Naturally Cervical mucus is rich in anti microbial components. The cell walls of bacteria will be destroyed by lysozymes in the mucus plug.Usually Mucus plug lasts until the end of your Pregnancy. Although it forms Mucus later too by your body to keep it fresh.It usually forms around Early pregnancy that is around Seven weeks, Then the layer of mucus starts to seal around the uterus to safe guard and protects you from harmful Bacteria and protects you from infections.

In general terms I can say that the mucus generally protects your unborn baby from Outside world acting as a Anti bacterial wall between them. Follow our further article to know more about the mucus plug.

What does mucus plug look like?

According to the Information from many people they described that it looks a lot like mucus that secretes from nose when we blow it,If the mucus plug is clear. Usually the consistency of the mucus will be thick and becomes thinner when it gets discharged.

Mucus Plug Look like

If the mucus is found bloody, then there is a chance of broken blood vessel in the cervix. If you found bloodier or lot,then you should probably consult your Care Provider and explain them about the situation.The color of mucus plug may looks like Brown blood tingled, Red Blood tingled, Opaque, Clear and mixture of all the above.

How/why do we lose the mucus plug?

When the baby once drops or gets settled in the pelvis, Then the process of opening the cervix starts. when the body prepares for labor, it ripens the cervix and soft’s it down loosing its firmness and starts getting falling down. Because of this changes in the cervix, the capillaries gets burst and creates pink tinges in the mucus plug.

The falling of mucus plug can happen in two ways, either it can come out in pieces to pieces or either it can come out all at a once as a big piece of chunk. falling like a single piece of chunk usually happens when it is not your first time, as previously the cervix becomes more elastic allowing the Mucus plug to fall out as a single piece of chunk.

Sometimes, you may not notice it at all, because the chances of it getting expelled is more when you are having a shower or a trip to powdered room and you have chances of not even noticing during the vaginal discharge too.

When do women normally lose their mucus plug?

The chances of loosing the mucus plug usually occurs between 37 and 42 weeks of gestation and there are chances of it in getting postponed earlier of the pregnancy or getting lately till the right before delivery time. They may fall out sometimes during the intercourse as well and even during the internal examinations also.

But the mucus forms much more freshly to keep the unborn baby safe from the outside bacteria and pathogens as well. They fallout when you are getting ready for pregnancy as the cervix gets softer allowing the mucus to get out from it.

Where Does the Mucus Plug Come From?

Usually the Mucus plug acts as a sealant in the cervix chamber of the uterus. Especially during the pregnancy to Protect the unborn baby from Harmful bacterial our body naturally forms a Plug of Mucus covering inside the cervix chamber.

The mucus plug generally ranges four to five centimeter in length. Sometimes it seems less in quantity after its discharge, because sometimes as it wont discharge completely. During the Pregnancy or the some what time before the pregnancy or the time when the baby drops and settles down in the pelvis chamber.

Mucus Plug Pictures

Why Does the Mucus Plug Come Out?

During the Pregnancy or the some what time before the pregnancy or the time when the baby drops and settles down in the pelvis chamber, which makes the cervix chamber gets loosen and gets flexibility and elasticity causing the Mucus plug to come out of the Cervix chamber in the uterus.

It also get discharged sometimes during intercourse or vaginal examination too. Any how the body generates the mucus plug automatically and freshly seals the cervix to protect the unborn baby from outside environmental bacteria and pathogens.

Why Does the Mucus Plug Regenerate?

To be clear, The mucus after getting discharged will be regenerated again, Which means when the mucus plug gets discharged, It may or may not indicate labor, sometimes you may get labor instantly after the mucus plug discharge and sometimes even after mucus discharge it may take weeks to get labor.

But your body has natural ability to regenerate the mucus plug as to protect the unborn kid and its a good sign of a safe baby inside. As your hormones still be in protect mode and still continues to regenerate as usual, Even if the mucus plug is not generated, The Amniotic Sac will cover the baby protecting it from outside bacteria and harms.

What does it mean if your mucus plug comes out?

If you are loosing your mucus plug which means you are getting ready for labor as the deference wall between the outside world and your womb broke.Which means the cervix is dilating and effacing. Effacing means the thinning and stretching of cervix to give birth to the baby. For first time moms until the labor starts, they wont actively dilate.

Is losing mucus plug a Sign Of Labor?

Well the answer can be yes or No depending up on the situations, For some people after loosing the mucus plug, they get the labor, But for some, Even after the mucus they have to wait weeks to get labor.  So we cannot be sure about the labor based on the mucus discharge, But usually first time moms may get Labor instantly after the mucus plug discharge.


Sign Of Labor

How soon does labor start after you lose it?

As i said earlier, It depends up on the situation, If its your first time then you are just days or weeks far from labor, Sometimes you may get with in hours of it. If its not the first time, then also you have chances of giving birth with in less time. We cannot provide a definite Timeline about this question’s answer.

When Should the Mucus Plug Come Out?

Generally the mucus plug comes out an any point before giving the birth to a baby, If someone looses the Mucus plug before the 37th week then there are chances of premature labor. Someone may loose the mucus before a week or two of labor pain. And many had their mucus plug just before the hours of the labor.

If you are close to due date there is a chances of loosing a thick consistent mucus when you mucus when you wipe it .Some may loose their mucus in the toilet bowl without being noticed,So be aware of the mucus and try to notice it.

What to do if/when you lose your mucus plug

Get ready to contact your birth team if you are loosing your mucus plug in 37 – 42 weeks, You will have more chances of loosing mucus at this stage and giving birth to a baby.The mucus plug losing can be Identified by the intensity experiencing while contracting and the duration of it.

If you are experiencing water breaking, Then you are not too far away to get labor. Get with the birth team soon

Is it okay if I lose the plug early?

Loosing mucus plug early sometimes gives the sign of early labour if you haven’t got any contractions and no blood in the mucus then there is nothing to worry about the issue . If its lost earlier to 37th week then there is chances of mucus to regenerate it self naturally without.

But early mucus discharge should not be neglected as it sometimes indicate premature labor too. So always be sure on the mucus discharge.

Is there an infection risk from losing the mucus plug early?

There are chances of loosing your Mucus plug early even before the pregnancy and the chances of it to regenerate and to protect is also high. Any how even if it is not generated, There will be still a layer of amniotic sac protecting the womb, It is the last line of deference in terms of protection.

But the mucus plug gives tough protection from pathogens and bacteria when compared to Amniotic sac, When you loose the mucus plug it is better to stop doing any sexual activity or getting in to lakes and city pools where there are more chances of carrying and getting the risk of Infection.

Loosing Mucus Plug

Should I call the doctor after I lose my mucus plug?

It generally depends on the situation If tour mucus plug came out with lots of blood then you should contact a doctor as it may lead to other medical conditions as well.  Some conditions called Placental abruptionplacenta previa will also cause bright blood in mucus, So its better to consult your health team and get rid of your doubt.

When the color of mucus is normal, and you lost it during the during the 37th to 42nd week then you are about to give birth, So contact your birth team and explain your situation instantly.

When the Mucus Plug Comes out How Long till Birth?

Every one have a misconception that if the mucus gets out then it means you are ready for delivery. it may or may not indicate the delivery. But most of the cases indicate the chances of delivery as well. Its better to contact your care provider when ever you lose your mucus.

What Color Is the Mucus Plug?

We cannot say any exact Mucus Plug color , Comparing many people it is found that mucus generally have variety of colors such as Brown blood tingled, Red Blood tingled, Opaque, Clear and sometimes a mixture of all the colors, You can have a look at them in the mucus plug pictures provided.

Color Of Mucus Plug

How do I know if I lost my mucus plug ?

Some of the women will spot it out instantly when they loose it. Many of the women’s never notice them at all and don’t pay attention to it. In other terms there is no importance to mucus discharge in indicating the sign of labor date some times.

Mucus Plug Warning Signs

If you face anything in the following issues, It can be a Warning sign and you should consult a care taker and discuss it with them.

  • If the Mucus plug spells foul.
  • If you loose the mucus before the 37th week.
  • Scheduled loss of mucus plug + cesarean.
  • Loss of mucus along with the bleeding.

How to make your mucus plug come out

If you are closing to your delivery date, Then it is natural for mucus to discharge to speed up the delivery process.  To speed up the process Doctors uses special ways to speed it up using methods such as Pitocin, only if its necessary or else they will let it happen naturally.

what is a mucus plug when pregnant ?

Here is the small guide where we have explained the “what is a mucus plug when pregnant” Please go through the link

Is the mucus plug the same thing as bloody show?

Many people claim that they have seen blood in their mucus, This happens because as the Cervix gets dilated before or during labor time, the tiny blood vessels on the wall breaks and the tiny blood vessels from it gets mixed with the mucus and discharges along with it. The color of mucus plug ranges from light pink to Brownish red.

If the color of the reddish is light, Then are chances of the breakage of vessels recently.


We have tried our level best in providing all the information regarding the mucus plug, If we missed out anything regarding any information about it, Please let us know about it. For any doubts about mucus plug, Free free to ask them in our comment section below and we will try to make it clear for you as soon as possible.

Also share your views on the topic and you can share your experiences and tips regarding mucus plug and related topics to get them featured on this blog and to help others who are struggling with mucus plug problems.